The Bridge-Consortium LLC

Sober Transitional Living Environment

Perris, CA 92570
(951) 943-0656

Proud members of Riverside County
Sober Living Coalition

Recognizing that personal attitudes about addiction affect recovery, the focus for the team at Perris Ranch is assisting the guest in changing self-destructive behavior and attitudes through education about the disease concept.

Our program encourages self-education through a methodical process in which the guest realizes and identifies the disease of "addiction." Major emphasis is placed on maintaining sobriety as the gold standard treatment intervention. Special attention is given to the adoption of new living standards and coping skills thru a 12-step faith-based infra-structure combined with Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous bylaws and principles.

The above system is employed as
The purpose and mission of our home, "to provide residential sober living in a family environment that is conducive to ongoing recovery" John Williams, administrative director of the bridge-consortium...
the blueprint process to enhance and maintain desired sobriety by the guest, thus promoting a community environment conducive to a positive family structure, crime and recidivism rate reduction, with personal growth and spiritual well being.

We believe strongly that "the power of one," is all about you.... changing your life, one day at a time...

Click here to read about the blueprint process.

We adhere to the privacy and confidentiality of all guests.
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